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Former Lab Members
glycans sialic acids evolution evolutionary differences siglecs

Sandra Diaz Photo

Sandra Diaz, Lab Manager

Andrea Verhagen Photo

Andrea Verhagen, Staff Research Associate

Picture of Patrick Secrest of the Varki lab

Patrick Secrest, Staff Research Associate

Susan Korosy's photo for Dr. Ajit Varki's lab webpage

Susan Korosy, Executive Assistant


Programs of Excellence
in Glycosciences Administrator

Flavio Schwarz photo for Dr. Ajit Varki's lab website

Flavio Schwarz, Postdoctoral Fellow

Annie Samraj photo for Dr. Ajit Varki's lab website

Annie Samraj, Postdoctoral Fellow

Lingquan Deng Photo

Lingquan Deng, Postdoctoral Fellow

The Varkian Photo

Jerry Fong, Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Yuko Naito-Matsui photo for Dr. Ajit Varki's lab webpage

Yuko Naito-Matsui, Visiting Professor

Photo of Shoib Sawar for Ajit Varki's lab

Shoib Siddiqui, Postdoctoral Fellow

Jonathan Okerblom photo for Dr. Ajit Varki's lab webpage

Jonathan Okerblom, Ph.D. Student

Phot of Fred da Silva of the Varki Lab

Fred da Silva, Postdoctoral Fellow

Corinna Landig photo for Dr. Ajit Varki's Lab

Corinna Landig, PhD Student

Photo of Zahra Khedri of Varki Lab

Zahra Khedri, Postdoctoral Fellow

Photo of Anel Lizcano for Dr. Varki's lab

Anel Lizcano, Postdoctoral Fellow

Photo of varkian for Kunio Kawanishi for Dr. Varki's lab

Kunio Kawanishi, Postdoctoral Fellow

Former Varki Lab Members