Inge Holtman, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Inge Holtman


Doctorate degree: Department of Neuroscience, University Medical Center Groningen, the Netherlands (2016)

  • Dissertation: ‘Exploring Microglial Functions in Physiological and Pathological Conditions by Genome-Wide Expression profiling’ - cum laude
  • Master's degree: Behavioral Cognitive Neuroscience, University of Groningen, the Netherlands (2010)

  • Thesis: 'Epigenetic regulation of the glucocorticoid receptor by maternal care' (Douglas Research Centre, McGill University, Montreal, Canada)
  • Bachelor's degree: Psychology, University of Groningen, the Netherlands (2008)


  • Neuroinflammation in neurodegenerative and psychiatric conditions
  • Natural variation and epigenetics in microglia
  • Next generation sequencing and bioinformatics data analysis


    Gemmy & Mibeth Tichelaar Prijs awarded by the Dutch MS Research Foundation & Gemmy & Mibeth Tichelaar Foundation (2016)

    BCN Brain Scientific support (2015)

    Lundbeck Scientific support (2014)

    Jan Kornelis de Cock Stichting Scientific support (2012)


    Wlodarczyk A, Holtman IR, Krueger M, Yogev N, Bruttger J, Khorooshi R, Benmamar-Badel A, de Boer-Bergsma JJ, Martin NA, Karram K, Kramer I, Boddeke EW, Waisman A, Eggen BJ, Owens T. (2017). A novel microglial subset plays a key role in myelinogenesis in developing brain. EMBO J.

    Galatro TF, Holtman IR, Lerario AM, Vainchtein ID, Brouwer N, Sola PR, Veras MM, Pereira TF, Leite REP, Möller T, Wes PD, Sogayar MC, Laman JD, den Dunnen W, Pasqualucci CA, Oba-Shinjo SM, Boddeke EWGM, Marie SKN, Eggen BJL.(2017). Transcriptomic analysis of purified human cortical microglia reveals age-associated changes. Nat Neurosci.

    Holtman, I.R., Skola, D., and Glass, C.K. (2017). Transcriptional control of microglia phenotypes in health and disease. J. Clin. Invest.

    Holtman IR, Noback M, Bijlsma M, Duong KN, van der Geest MA, Ketelaars PT, Brouwer N, Vainchtein ID, Eggen BJL, Boddeke HW. Glia Open Access Database (GOAD): A comprehensive gene expression encyclopedia of glia cells in health and disease. Glia. 2015 Sep;63(9):1495-506.

    Holtman IR, Raj DD, Miller JA, Schaafsma W, Yin Z, Brouwer N, Wes PD, Möller T, Orre M, Kamphuis W, Hol EM, Boddeke EW, Eggen BJ. Induction of a common microglia gene expression signature by aging and neurodegenerative conditions: a co-expression meta-analysis. Acta Neuropathol Commun. 2015 May 23;3:31.



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