Alexi Nott

Assistant Project Scientist

Sascha Duttke


MRC - Laboratory of Molecular and Cell Biology, University College London, UK. PhD (2009)

University of Bath, Department of Biology and Biochemistry, UK. B.Sc. (2005)


  • Cell-type specific gene regulation and epigenetics of the healthy brain and in neurological disorders.


    Alzheimer’s Association Research Fellowship (2017 – present)

    Medical Research Council graduate student. Laboratory of Molecular Cell Biology, University College London. Doctor of Philosophy Degree, Mentor: Prof. A. Riccio (2005 - 2008)

    Charlotte and Yule Bogue Research Fellowship, University College London, UK (2007)

    Mbiochem, First-class Honours. University of Bath, UK (2001-2005)


    NOTT, A., Glass, C.K. Immune memory in the brain. (2018) Nature. 556(7701):312-313.

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    Seneviratne*, U., NOTT*, A., Bhat, V., Kodihalli, R., Wishnok, J., Tsai, L.-H., Tannenbaum, S.R. S-nitrosation of proteins relevant to Alzheimer’s disease during early stages of neurodegeneration. (2016) Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 113(15):4152-7. *Authors contributed equally

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    Durak, O., Gao, F., Kaeser-Woo, Y.J., Rueda, R., Martorell, A., NOTT, A., Liu, C.Y., Watson, L.A., Tsai, L.-H. The chromatin remodeler Chd8 transcriptionally regulates cell cycle and neurogenesis in the developing mouse cortex. (2016) Nature Neuroscience. 19(11):1477-1488.

    NOTT*, A., Cho*, S., Seo, J., Tsai, L.-H. HDAC2 expression in parvalbumin interneurons regulates synaptic plasticity in the mouse visual cortex. (2015) Neuroepigenetics. 1(1):34-40. *Authors contributed equally

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    NOTT, A., Levin, E.D. Dorsal hippocampal alpha7 and alpha4beta2 nicotinic receptors and memory. (2006) Brain Research. 1081(1):72-8.


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