Eniko Sajti, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor Pediatrics/Neonatology

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The Rudolf Magnus Institute of Neurosciences and The Laboratory of Psychoneuroimmunology, University Medical Center Utrecht, The Netherlands: Psychoneuroimmunology - Ph.D. (2004)

Utrecht University, The Netherlands: Medicine - M.D. (1999)

Utrecht University, The Netherlands: Psychology - B.S. (1995)


  • Molecular and cellular mechanism involved in the development of neonatal innate immune system in the lung
  • Transcriptional mechanisms that regulate the function of myeloid cells in bronchopulmonary dysplasia
  • The role of myeloid cells in prematurity associated brain injury


    National Heart Lung and Blood Institute K08 Grant (2018)

    The Neonatal Cardiopulmonary Biology Young Investigators’ Forum Research Grant (2014)

    Farley Fund Award (2012)

    George von L. Meyer Fund Award (2010, 2011)

    Schlisman Memorial Traveling Fellowship Award (2010)

    Royal Netherlands Academy of Sciences Research Grant (2005)

    Ter Meulen Foundation Research Grant (2005)

    Geuken Fund Research Grant (2004)


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    5.Sajti E, van Meeteren N, Kavelaars A, van der Net J, Gispen WH, Heijnen C. Individual differences in behavior of inbred Lewis rats are associated with severity of joint destruction in adjuvant-induced arthritis. Brain Behav Immun. 2004 Nov;18(6):505-14. PMID: 15331121.

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    SAJTI, E

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