In the Press

  • Macrophages Are the Ultimate Multitaskers

    (, Oct 2017)

  • ApoE and Trem2 Flip a Microglial Switch in Neurodegenerative Disease

    (, Sep 2017)

  • Human and Mouse Microglia Look Alike, but Age Differently

    (, Jul 2017)

  • When a Microglia Is No Longer a Microglia

    (, Jul 2017)

  • Brain's immune cells linked to Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, schizophrenia

    (, May 2017)

  • UC San Diego School of Medicine’s Christopher Glass Joins National Academy of Sciences

    (, May 2017)

  • Three UC San Diego Researchers Elected to National Academy of Medicine

    (, October 2015)

  • Why Do Macrophages Do What They Do?

    (, December 2014)

  • Two UC San Diego Professors Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences

    (, April 2014)

  • The Role of “Master Regulators” in Gene Mutations and Disease

    (, October 2013)

  • Enhancer RNAs Alter Gene Expression

    (, June 2013)

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    Lab News

    April 2019

  • We are excited to welcome to the Glass Lab, Christian Nickl . Chris will be part of the Microglia group, working with Alexi Nott on transcriptional enhancers in various cell types found in the brain.

  • Congratulations to Jason Seidman on successfully defending his Thesis 'Decoding Environmentally Driven Gene Regulatory Networks in Hepatic Macrophages.

  • March 2019

  • Dylan Skola successfully defended his Thesis 'Evolutionary Perspectives on Transcriptional Regulation'. Congratulations, and good luck in your new position as Bioinformatics Scientist 1 at Illumina!

  • February 2019

  • Congratulations to Greg Fonseca, Jenhan Tao et al. on the publication of their Nature Communications article Diverse motif ensembles specify non-redundant DNA binding activities of AP-1 family members in macrophages.

  • January 2019

  • Welcome to the Glass Lab, Isidoro Cobo. Isidoro has been awarded an EMBO Fellowship and will be working on deciphering the role of DNMT3A and TET2 in monocytes and macrophages. In particular, he is interested in how inactivating mutations in the DNMT3A or TET2 genes contribute to clonal haematopoiesis and higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

  • 2018

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    December 2018

  • Happy to welcome the Lab's new research assistant, Jonathan Chang. Jonathan will be working on liver environmental signaling pathways for Kupffer cell identity, together with Mashito Sakai.

  • November 2018

  • Congratulations, Jenhan Tao , on successfully defending your thesis 'Machine Learning Approaches for Relating Genomic Sequence to Enhancer Activity and Function'!

  • We are excited to welcome to the lab our new Staff Research Associate, Camila Saldanha. Camila will be working alongside Eniko Sajti.

  • October 2018

  • Congratulations to Aaron Carlin et al. on their publication of "Deconvolution of pro- and antiviral genomic responses in Zika virus-infected and bystander macrophages" in PNAS.

  • Dylan Skola has accepted a position with Illumina as Bioinformatics Scientist. Good luck, Dylan!

  • August 2018

  • Ty Troutman was awarded a Pilot and Feasibility grant from the UCSD-UCLA Diabetes Research Center. This award will support additional studies of macrophage diversity during nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

  • July 2018

  • Congratulations to Hunter Bennett, who was awarded a Predoctoral Fellowship with the UCSD NIH/NIDDK Gastroenterology Training Program this month. The fellowship will support his work to characterize transcription factor signaling in Kupffer cells during the progression of Non-Alcoholic fatty liver disease with the goal of identifying new therapies.

  • Jessica Zhang is a visiting 4th year medical student from Cleveland, Ohio who will be working in the Glass Lab for a year as a Sarnoff Cardiovascular Research Foundation Fellow. She is joining Marten Hoeksema from the Glass Lab and Calvin Yeang and Nicholas Hogan from the Tsimikas Lab in studying transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of human monocytes by Lp(a) as part of the Leducq Epigenetics of Atherosclerosis Network grant.

  • Welcome to the Glass Lab, Mihir Gupta and Addison Lana!

    Mihir Gupta is a Resident Physician in the Department of Neurosurgery at UCSD, with an interest in neurosurgical oncology and neurovascular disease. He is studying microglia in primary brain tumors and metastatic lesions, and establishing animal models for the immune response to neurovascular injury.

    Addison Lana, who recently graduated from USC, is interested in neurodegenerative disease pathogenesis and will be working on the microglia project in Alzheimer's disease to better define and understand the enhancer landscape of the macrophage and their effects on the progression of AD.

  • June 2018

  • Congratulations to Verena Link et al. on the publication of MMARGE: Motif Mutation Analysis for Regulatory Genomic Elements in Nucleic Acids Research.

  • May 2018

  • Congratulations to Verena Link et al. on the publication of their Cell Resource article Analysis of Genetically Diverse Macrophages Reveals Local and Domain-wide Mechanisms that Control Transcription Factor Binding and Function.

  • April 2018

  • Congratulations, Alexi Nott et al., on publishing their News & Views article "Immune Memory in the Brain" in Nature.

  • Congratulations to Evan Muse et al. on their publication of "Cell-specific discrimination of desmosterol and desmosterol mimetics confers selective regulation of LXR and SREBP in macrophages" in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS).

  • March 2018

  • Congratulations to Alexi Nott . He was awarded the 2018 Alzheimer's Association Research Fellowship grant for his work to better understand genetic risk factors of Alzheimer's.

  • January 2018

  • Congratulations to Eniko Satji on her award of a K08 grant from the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute to study epigenomics of mononuclear phagocytes in prematurity-associated lung disease!

  • Welcome to sabbatical scholar Michael Garabedian from NYU who is joining us to investigate the impact of metabolic perturbations on macrophage phenotypes

  • 2017

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    October 2017

  • Amy Robinson is visiting from Jeff Pollard’s lab at Edinburgh University. Her work focuses on the genetic and epigenetic alteration of the immune system cells in cancer patients. This allows better understanding of how cancer re-programms the immune system to help rather than kill the cancer cells. Welcome, Amy!

  • Happy to welcome our new research assistant Bao Chau Vu to the Glass Lab! Bao Chau will be involved in the lab's research on the role and regulation of Kupffer cells during the disease progression of liver fibrosis through a NASH model.

  • Together with Michael G. Rosenfeld, Rusty Gage (Salk Institute), and Yousin Suh (Albert Einstein College of Medicine), the Glass lab was awarded a RO1 from the National Institutes on Aging to study the transcriptional phenotypes, epigenetic landscapes, and functional behaviors of neurons harboring different combinations of genetic risk alleles for Alzheimer’s disease.

  • August 2017


  • Mashito Sakai has been awarded the Osamu Hayaishi Memorial Scholarship for Study Abroad.

  • Alexi Nott has been selected to receive an Alzheimer's Association International Research Grant.

  • Dylan Skola was awarded a 2017-2018 Achievement Reward for College Scientists (ARCS).

  • And congratulations to Aaron Carlin on accepting a position as an Assistant Professor in the Division of Infectious Diseases, Department of Medicine at UCSD.

  • July 2017

  • Congratulations to Inge Holtman, Dylan Skola et al. on their publication of "Transcriptional control of microglia phenotypes in health and disease" in the Journal of Clinical Investigation (JCI).

  • June 2017

  • Josh Stender has accepted a functional genomics position at AbbVie in North Chicago, where he will be using CRISPR technology to discover new targets for immuno-oncology.

  • May 2017

  • The Glass lab is thrilled to announce the election of Dr. Chris Glass as a member of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences. Members are elected in recognition of their distinguished and continuing achievements in original research. Congratulations, Chris! ▸ Read more

  • Congratulations to David Gosselin , Dylan Skola, Nicole Coufal and their collaborators at UCSD, Salk Institute, Rady Children’s Hospital and Biogen on their publication of "An environment-dependent transcriptional network specifies human microglia identity" in Science.

  • David Gosselin has accepted a position as Assistant Professor at Laval University in Quebec, Canada.

  • Aaron Carlin has been selected to receive the prestigious Burroughs Wellcome Career Award for Medical Scientist. This program will support his investigation of how Zika virus interactions with the human immune system can contribute to such a devastating disease.

  • March 2017

  • Congratulations to Josh Stender et al. on their publication "Structural and Molecular Mechanisms of Cytokine-Mediated Endocrine Resistance in Human Breast Cancer Cells." in Molecular Cell.


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    December 2016

  • Congratulations to Yumiko Oishi, Nathan Spann, Verena Link, Evan Muse, Jenhan Tao, Aaron Carlin , and other collaborators on the acceptance of their publication "SREBP1 contributes to resolution of pro-inflammatory TLR4 signaling by reprogramming fatty acid metabolism" in Cell Metabolism.

  • Welcome to the lab, Marten Hoeksema (Department of Medical Biochemistry, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands). Marten will be working on the effects of genetic variation on the phenotypes of alternatively activated macrophages and macrophage foam cells.

    November 2016

  • Congratulations to Claudia Han on her publication of "Macrophages redirect phagocytosis by non-professional phagocytes and influence inflammation" in Nature.

  • Congratulations to Mashito Sakai on his publication of "The GCN5-CITED2-PKA signalling module controls hepatic glucose metabolism through a cAMP-induced substrate switch" in Nature Communications.

  • Welcome, Alexi Nott (Picower Institute for Learning and Memory, Dept. of Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT). Alexi will be studying the role of the NCoR nuclear receptor on microglia function under physiological and inflammatory conditions.

  • Claudia Han (Department of Microbiology, Immunology & Cancer Biology, University of Virginia, Charlottesville) joins the Glass lab. Claudia will be investigating how transcription factors influence microglia phenotypes.

  • Zhengyu 'O'Young' Ouyang (Ragon Institute of MGH, MIT and Harvard) has joined the lab as our new Senior Genomics Specialist. He will be providing substantial computational infrastructure support in addition to supporting various bioinformatics efforts in the lab.

  • October 2016

  • Happy to welcome our new research assistants Cassi Bruni and Kaori Ego to the Glass Lab!

  • August 2016

  • Yohei Abe (Division of Metabolic Medicine, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, University of Tokyo) joins the Glass lab. Yohei will be working on the interactive epigenetic changes between macrophages and adipocytes.

  • July 2016

  • Congratulations to Karmel Allison, Eniko Sajti, Jana Collier, David Gosselin, Ty Troutman and their collaborators on their publication in eLife:
  • Affinity and dose of TCR engagement yield proportional enhancer and gene activity in CD4+ T cells

  • Congratulations to Dawn Eichenfield, Ty Troutman, Verena Link, David Gosselin, Nathan Spann, Jenhan Tao and their collaborators on their publication in eLife: Tissue damage drives co-localization of NF-κB, Smad3, and Nrf2 to direct Rev-erb sensitive wound repair in mouse macrophages

    June 2016

  • The Glass laboratory will participate in a newly funded Leducq Transatlantic Network to define and target epigenetic pathways in monocytes and macrophages that contribute to cardiovascular disease. Network investigators include Dr. Christopher K. Glass (UCSD), Dr. Menno de Winther (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands), Dr. Bart Staels (INSERM Lille, France), Dr. Seppo Yla-Hertuala (University of Eastern Finland, Kupio), Dr. Udo Opperman (University of Oxford), Dr. Ron Evans (Salk Institute for Biological Studies), Dr. Sam Tsimikas, (UCSD) and Dr. Frederic Geissmann (Memorial Sloan Kettering).

  • Dr. Glass will serve as the North American Coordinator and Dr. Menno De Winther will serve as the European coordinator.

    Project description:

    Lipid-lowering therapy has been an effective mainstay in the clinical treatment of atherosclerosis. Even with optimal treatment, however, patients suffer recurrent cardiovascular disease (CVD) events, with rates in Western societies approaching 10-25% over 3-5 years. Improving upon these numbers will require new insights into the mechanisms driving atherosclerotic disease. The members of the Leducq Epigenetics of Atherosclerosis Network propose to concentrate on inflammation, a crucial determinant in this disease process. Bringing together top clinical investigators in the fields of lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis with leading experts in the fields of epigenetics, transcriptional regulation and inflammation, this network will investigate the role of inflammatory cells, particularly macrophages, in the pathophysiology of atherosclerosis. A description of the epigenetic pathways underlying CVD will lead to new opportunities for improved diagnostics and therapeutics to further reduce the incidence of CVD and its complications.

  • Congratulations to Dawn Eichenfeld for graduating from UCSD's combined MD/PhD program. Dawn was a PhD student in the Glass Lab who studied the roles of transcription factors following tissue injury. She will be starting Internal Medicine internship at UCSD in June 2016, followed by Dermatology Residency at UCSD in June 2017.

  • Jason Seidman is awarded an American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship to further our understanding of how macrophages contribute to atherosclerosis. Congratulations, Jason!

  • May 2016

  • Billy Chun, who joined the Glass Lab in 2015 as a Sarnoff Fellow, is off to Stony Brook University School of Medicine (NY) to continue his clinical years as a medical student. Good luck, Billy!

    April 2016

  • Welcome to the lab, Mashito Sakai (Diabetes Research Center, Research Institute, National Center for Global Health and Medicine, Tokyo, Japan). Mashito will be working on Epigenetic control of macrophage phenotypes in metabolic diseases.

    March 2016

  • The Glass lab welcomes Inge Holtman (University of Groningen, Netherlands). Inge will be working on the effect of natural genetic variation on microglia phenotypes under physiological and pathological conditions.

    January 2016

  • We would also like to welcome to the lab Martina Pasillas. Martina is our new FACS Research Asssociate.

  • Welcome to the lab, Dylan Skola, who will be helping us understand how the epigenomic regulation of gene expression influences cell fate and human disease.

  • Congratulations to Casey Romanoski who will be taking a new position as Assistant Professor at the University of Arizona, Tucson, where she will be a BIO5 Fellow and a member of the Dept. of Cellular and Molecular Medicine.


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    December 2015

  • We welcome Sascha Duttke (James T. Kadonaga Lab, UCSD) to the lab. Sascha is joining us from the James Kadonaga Lab (UCSD) to explore the molecular mechanisms underlying how macrophages can prevent or support tumor progression.

    October 2015

  • Congratulations to Dr. Chris Glass on his election to the National Academy of Medicine (NAM). Dr. Glass is among 70 new members and 10 international members announced at the organization’s annual meeting, bringing NAM’s total active membership to 1,963 worldwide.

  • July 2015

  • The Glass Lab welcomes Emma Westin who is joining us from UC Santa Barbara where she received a BS in Cell and Developmental Biology. She will be working with Greg Fonseca on discovering the function of AP-1 family members on enhancer selection and activation.

  • June 2015

  • Bahareh Ajami visits us from the Steinman laboratory at Stanford to apply CyToF approaches to characterize microglia phenotypes in Huntington's disease.
  • Nick Hogan will be returning to the University of Rochester School of Medicine for his 3rd year as a medical student after completion of his Sarnoff Fellowship studies of the epigenetic landscape in endothelial cells with Casey Romanoski.
  • Billy Chun joins the laboratory from the University of Rochester as our newest Sarnoff Scholar. Billy will be working with Verena Link and Nathan Spann on investigating effects of natural genetic variation on macrophage gene expression.
  • Karmel Allison defends her PhD thesis in Bioinformatics and immediately takes a position as Senior Data Scientist at Genia Technologies in Mountain View, CA - a company out to build the next generation of low cost, high throughput DNA sequencers.
  • The Glass Lab welcomes Lucille Crozet from the Geissmann laboratory (King's College, London UK) for an intense tutorial in RNA Seq methods and analysis.

  • May 2015

  • The Glass Lab welcomes Johannes Schlachetzki who comes to us from Jürgen Winkler's laboratory in Erlangen, Germany and will be studying roles of microglia in Parkinson's disease.
  • Casey Romanoski accepts Assistant professor position at the University of Arizona, to begin February 2016.

  • April 2015

  • Eniko Sajti gives a platform presentation at the 2015 Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting in San Diego, entitled "IL17 Producing Lung Macrophages Facilitate the Airway Hyperreactivity Associated with Neonatal Hyperoxia Exposure."

  • March 2015

  • David Gosselin is awarded Canadian fellowship "Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada: Postdoctoral Studentship"

  • February 2015

  • Andrea Crotti takes position at Biogen Idec in Cambridge, MA to work with Richard Ransohoff on roles of microglia in neurodegenerative disease.

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