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Agilent Center of Excellence in Cellular Intelligence (ACoE)

Welcome to the Agilent Center of Excellence (CoE) in Cellular Intelligence, a strategic partnership aligning Agilent Technologies and the UC San Diego Institute for Network Medicine.


At the forefront of innovation for 75 years, Agilent Technologies is synonymous with precision measurement insights. This collaboration empowers UC San Diego scientists with cutting-edge technologies, allowing precise biological measurements across scales. Explore our modern suite of cell analysis platforms revealing insights into cell fate, state, and trait. Join us in shaping the future through pre- and post-doctoral fellowships, nurturing the education and training of the next generation of scientists.


Our Mission

Quantitative biology, blending mathematics, statistics, and computer science, delves into the study of life and living organisms. By creating predictive models grounded in fundamental principles, it has the capacity to unlock foundational secrets. We tackle challenging questions—like understanding the intelligence in each cell—and explore the architecture of networks enabling adaptability. Visit us to be part of a transformative journey into the heart of quantitative biology.


Our Services

The Agilent CoE is packed with high-end equipment that serves as a shared resource which can allow anyone to dabble in quantitative biology, asking and answering questions from bioenergetics to cellular impedence, and from multi-omics to immunophenotyping, and everything in between. Visit ACoE services page to view current offerings.