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Meet the PI

I am interested in brains, development, and anything genetics–especially if it doesn't make sense. Non-reciprocal genetic interactions in brain development are pretty cool. I prefer the bench to the office. Real scientists do experiments. Dataframes, never multi-part tables in spreadsheets. Sorry I missed the meeting.


A fantastic high school teacher, Frank Diaz, first got me interested in biology. At UCSD, I majored in undeclared until Dan Lindsley and Adelaide Carpenter's Genetics class got me hooked. Teaching matters. Ben Volcani and Rick Firtel let me into their labs with no qualifications whatsoever. Norman Davidson and Scott Emr tried to keep me out of trouble. Mike Palazzolo taught me to survive trouble. Kai Zinn took me in in spite of trouble and helped me become a better scientist. Eric Lander was a marvelous postdoctoral mentor. George Palade showed me what academic leadership looks like. I am immensely grateful to all the students, postdocs, colleagues, and research staff who have worked with me, their names are on the papers.