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Why science matters to all Santa Clarita Valley Signal, April 7, 2017
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Book Chapters

We have contributed chapters to some professional books. We don't do this often.

  • Hamilton, B. A. and Wynshaw-Boris, A. (2009) "Basic Genetics and Patterns of Inheritance" in Maternal-Fetal Medicine, Creasy, R.K., Resnik, R, and Iams, ed.s. Sixth edition.
  • Gent, P. M., and Hamilton, B. A. (2006) "ROR, an orphan that staggers the mind." in Transcription Factors in the Nervous System - Development, Brain Function and Disease. Theil, G., ed. Wiley-VCH.


We disseminate our work through papers in peer-reviewed journals. We are committed to public access of publicly sponsored research. Most of our recent papers are in PLoS journals, which are fully open access and require open data, or appear as pre-prints on public servers. We do not limit our collaborators, but advocate for public access on behalf of patients, providers, and start-ups who often lack institutional access to paywalled professional journals.

Full List from PubMed

Ankfn1-mutant vestibular defects require loss of both ancestral and derived paralogs for penetrance in zebrafish
Kevin D. Ross, Jie Ren, Ruilin Zhang, Neil C. Chi, Bruce A. Hamilton (2021)
G3 Advance Article, jkab446. [Open Access] (pre-print bioRxiv 2020.1.459924)

ZNF423 orthologs are highly constrained in vertebrates but show domain-level plasticity across invertebrate lineages
Hamilton BA (2020)
bioRxiv 2020.03.09.984518. [Open Access]

Strain-dependent modifier genes determine survival in Zfp423 mice
Wendy A. Alcaraz, Zheng Liu, Phoebe Valdes, Edward Chen, Alan G. Valdovino Gonzalez, Shelby Wade, Cinny Wong, Eunnie Kim, Hsiang-Hua M. Chen, Dorothy Concepcion, Bruce A. Hamilton (2020)
G3 10, 4241-4247. [Open Access] (pre-print bioRxiv 2020.05.12.091629)

ZNF423 patient variants, truncations, and in-frame deletions in mice define an allele-dependent range of midline brain abnormalities
Ojas Deshpande, Raquel Z. Lara, Oliver R. Zhang, Dorothy Concepcion, Bruce A. Hamilton (2020)
PLOS Genetics 16, e1009017. [Open Access] (pre-print bioRxiv 2020.04.04.024562)

The lipid elongation enzyme ELOVL2 is a molecular regulator of aging in the retina
Chen D, Chao DL, Rocha L, Kolar M, Nguyen Huu VA, Krawczyk M, Dasyani M, Wang T, Jafari M, Jabari M, Ross KD, Saghatelian A, Hamilton BA, Zhang K, Skowronska-Krawczyk D (2020)
Aging Cell 19e13100. [Open Access]

TBR2 antagonizes retinoic acid dependent neuronal differentiation by repressing ZFP423 during corticogenesis
Massimino L, Flores-Garcia L, Stefano BD, Colasante G, Icoresi-Mazzeo C, Zaghi M, Hamilton BA, Sessa A. (2018)
Developmental Biology 434, 231-248.

Regeneration of fat cells from myofibroblasts during wound healing
Plikus MV, Guerrero-Juarez CF, Ito M, Li YR, Dedhia PH, Zheng Y, Shao M, Gay DL, Ramos R, His TC, Oh JW, Wang X, Ramirez A, Konopelski SE, Elzein A, Wang A, Supapannachart RJ, Lee HL, Lim CH, Nace A, Guo A, Treffeisen E, Andl T, Ramirez RN, Murad R, Offermanns S, Metzger D, Chambon P, Widgerow AD, Tuan TL, Mortazavi A, Gupta RK, Hamilton BA, Millar SE, Seale P4,16, Pear WS, Lazar MA, Cotsarelis G (2017)
Science 355, 748-752.

Identification of novel loci affecting circulating chromogranins and related peptides
Benyamin B, Maihofer AX, Schork AJ, Hamilton BA, Rao F, Schmid-Schönbein GW, Zhang K, Mahata M, Stridsberg M, Schork NJ, Biswas N, Hook VY, Wei Z, Montgomery GW, Martin NG, Nievergelt CM, Whitfield JB, O'Connor DT (2017)
Human Molecular Genetics 26, 233-242.

Deleting an Nr4a1 Super-Enhancer Subdomain Ablates Ly6Clow Monocytes while Preserving Macrophage Gene Function
Thomas GD, Hanna RN, Vasudevan NT, Hamers AA, Romanoski CE, McArdle S, Ross KD, Blatchley A, Yoakum D, Hamilton BA, Mikulski Z, Jain MK, Glass CK, Hedrick CC. (2016)
Immunity 45, 975-987.

Deep Reads: Favorites from a few different shelves
Hamilton BA (2016)
PLoS Genetics 12, e1006476. [Open Access]

Zfp423 regulates Sonic hedgehog signaling via primary cilium function
Hong C-J and Hamilton BA (2016)
PLoS Genetics 12, e1006357. [Open Access]
bioRxiv preprint

Nmf9 encodes a highly conserved protein important to neurological function in mice and flies
Zhang S, Ross KD, Seidner GA, Gorman MR, Poon TH, Wang X, Keithley EM, Lee PN, Martindale MQ, Joiner WJ, and Hamilton BA (2015)
PLoS Genetics 11, e1005344. [Open Access]

Nxf1 Natural Variant E610G Is a Semi-dominant Suppressor of IAP-Induced RNA Processing Defects
Concepcion D, Ross KD, Hutt KR, Yeo GW, and Hamilton BA (2015)
PLoS Genetics 11, e1005123. [Open Access]

Zfp423 binds autoregulatory sites in p19 cell culture model
Cho Y-W, Hong C-J, Hou A, Gent PM, Zhang K, Won K-J, and Hamilton BA (2013)
PLoS One
8, e66514. [Open Access]

Retrotransposon Activates Ectopic Ptf1a Expression: A Short Tail. (Perspective)
Hamilton BA (2013)
PLoS Genetics 9, e1003331. [Open Access]

Exome capture reveals ZNF423 and CEP164 mutations, linking renal ciliopathies to DNA damage response signaling.
Chaki M, Airik R, Ghosh AK, Giles RH, Chen R, Slaats GG, Wang H, Hurd TW, Zhou W, Cluckey A, Gee HY, Ramaswami G, Hong CJ, Hamilton BA, Cervenka I, Ganji RS, Bryja V, Arts HH, van Reeuwijk J, Oud MM, Letteboer SJ, Roepman R, Husson H, Ibraghimov-Beskrovnaya O, Yasunaga T, Walz G, Eley L, Sayer JA, Schermer B, Liebau MC, Benzing T, Le Corre S, Drummond I, Janssen S, Allen SJ, Natarajan S, O'Toole JF, Attanasio M, Saunier S, Antignac C, Koenekoop RK, Ren H, Lopez I, Nayir A, Stoetzel C, Dollfus H, Massoudi R, Gleeson JG, Andreoli SP, Doherty DG, Lindstrad A, Golzio C, Katsanis N, Pape L, Abboud EB, Al-Rajhi AA, Lewis RA, Omran H, Lee EY, Wang S, Sekiguchi JM, Saunders R, Johnson CA, Garner E, Vanselow K, Andersen JS, Shlomai J, Nurnberg G, Nurnberg P, Levy S, Smogorzewska A, Otto EA, Hildebrandt F. (2012)
Cell 150, 533-548. [Free PMC]

Modifier Genes and the Plasticity of Genetic Networks in Mice.
Hamilton BA and Yu BD (2012)
PLoS Genetics
8, e1002644.[Open Access]

Modifier genes and non-genetic factors reshape anatomical deficits in Zfp423-deficient mice.
Alcaraz WA, Chen E, Valdes P, Kim E, Lo YH, Vo J, and Hamilton BA (2011)
Human Molecular Genetics
20, 3822-3830. (Cover article) [Free PMC]

Modifier genes for mouse phosphatidylinositol transfer protein alpha (vibrator) that bypass juvenile lethality.
Concepcion D, Johannes F, Lo YH, Yao J, Fong J, and Hamilton BA (2011)
187, 1185-1191. [Free PMC]

Multipotent genetic suppression of retrotransposon-induced mutations by Nxf1 through fine-tuning of alternative splicing.
Concepcion D, Flores-García L, and Hamilton BA (2009)
PLoS Genetics 5, e1000484. [Open Access]

An ancestral variant of Secretogranin II confers regulation by PHOX2 transcription factors and association with hypertension.
Wen G, Wessel J, Zhou W, Ehret GB, Rao F, Stridsberg M, Mahata SK, Gent PM, Das M, Cooper RS, Chakravarti A, Zhou H, Schork NJ, O'Connor DT, and Hamilton BA (2007)
Human Molecular Genetics 16, 1752-1764. [Free PMC]

Zfp423 controls proliferation and differentiation of neural precursors in cerebellar vermis formation.
Alcaraz WA, Gold DA, Raponi E, Gent PM, Concepcion D, and Hamilton BA (2006)
PNAS 103, 19424-19429. Supporting information [Free PMC]

RORa in genetic control of cerebellum development: 50 staggering years.(Review)
Gold, D. A., Gent, P. M., and Hamilton, B. A. (2007)
Brain Research 1140, 19-25. [published online January 19, 2006]
Nature Genetics mutant of the month for January, 2007

Mutation rate and predicted phenotypic target sizes in ENU-treated mice.
Concepcion, D., Seburn, K., Wen, G., Frankel, W. N., and Hamilton, B. A. (2004)
Genetics 168, 953-959. [Free PMC]

Both rare and common polymorphisms contribute functional variation at CHGA, a regulator of catecholamine physiology.
Wen, G., Mahata, S. K., Cadman, P., Mahata, M., Ghosh, S., Mahapatra, N. R., Rao, F., Stridsberg, M., Smith, D. W., Mahboubi, P., Schork, N. J., O'Connor, D. T., and Hamilton, B. A. (2004)
Am. J. Hum. Genetics 74, 197-207. [Free PMC]

A natural allele of Nxf1 suppresses retrovirus insertional mutations.
Floyd, J. A., Gold, D. A., Concepcion, D., Poon, T. H., Wang, X., Keithley, E., Chen, D., Ward, E. J., Chinn, S. B., Friedman, R. A., Yu, H.-T., Moriwaki, K., Shiroishi, T., and Hamilton, B. A. (2003)
Nature Genetics 35, 221-228. (Cover caption) [News&Views] [Free PMC]
Nature Genetics mutant of the month for August, 2007

RORa coordinates reciprocal signaling in cerebellar development through Sonic hedgehog and calcium-dependent pathways
Gold, D. A., Baek, S. H., Schork, N. J., Rose, D. W., Larsen, D. D., Sachs, B. D., Rosenfeld, M. G., and Hamilton, B. A. (2003)
Neuron 40, 1119-1131. [Free PMC]
Nature Genetics mutant of the month for January, 2007

a-Synuclein A53T substitution associated with Parkinson's Disease also marks the divergence of old world and new world primates.
Hamilton, B. A. (2003)
Genomics 83, 739-742.

Mice lacking phosphatidylinositol transfer protein alpha exhibit spinocerebellar degeneration, intestinal and hepatic steatosis, and hypoglycemia.
Alb, J. G. , Cortese, J. D. , Phillips, S. E., Albin, R. L., Nagy, T. R., Hamilton, B. A., and Bankaitis, V. A. (2003)
J. Biol. Chem. 278, 33501-18.

Variations in abundance: Genome-wide responses to genetic polymorphism and vice versa. (Minireview)
Hamilton, B. A. (2002)
Genome Biology 3, 1029.1-1029.3. [Free PMC]

Of Mice and Genome Sequence.(Minireview)
Hamilton, B. A. and Frankel, W. N. (2001)
Cell 107, 13-16.

The vibrator mutation causes neurodegeneration via reduced expression of PITPa: Positional complementation cloning and extragenic suppression.
Hamilton, B. A., Smith, D. J., Mueller, K. L., Kerrebrock, A. W., Bronson, R. T., van Berkel, V., Daly, M. J., Kruglyak, L., Reeve, M. P., Nemhauser, J. L., Hawkins, T. L., Rubin, E. M. and Lander, E. S. (1997)
Neuron 18, 711-722.
Nature Genetics mutant of the month for August, 2007

Disruption of nuclear hormone receptor RORa in staggerer mice.
Hamilton, B. A., Frankel, W. N., Kerrebrock, A. W., Hawkins, T. L., FitzHugh, W., Kusumi, K., Russell, L. B., van Berkel, V., Mueller, K. L., Birren, B. W., Kruglyak, L., and Lander, E. S. (1996)
Nature 379, 736-739.
Nature Genetics mutant of the month for January, 2007