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Dr. Hamilton teaches BIOM242, a Journal Club course for Genetics Training Program (GTP) PhD students. He has organized or co-corganized this class since 1999.

Genetics Training Program (GTP)

The Genetics Training Program (GTP) is designed for PhD students who are already in a UCSD doctoral degree program and have an interest in Genetics and Genomics. CMM Professor Dr. Larry Goldstein launched GTP in 1998 and served as its first director. Dr. Hamilton has directed the program since 2008.

Dr. Hamilton organizes the Genetics Journal Club course for PhD students in the Genetics Training Program.

Recent topics:

  • Psychiatric Genetics
  • Synthetic Genomes
  • Preprints
  • Circadian Rhythms and Sleep
  • Analysis of Failures
  • Personal Genomes
  • Genetics of Infectious Disease

Get details on applications for 1st year students, courses, and events:

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Biomedical Sciences: Quantitative Methods in Genetics

Dr. Hamilton previously organized BIOM201 Seminars in Biomedical Research for first year students in Biomedical Sciences and BIOM262 Quantitative Methods in Genetics (cross listed in Biological Sciences as BGGN237) and taught in other graduate courses related to genetics, genomics, or brain development.