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UC San Diego To Probe How Humans Became Aware Of Death
KPBS Midday Edition
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Climate Denial is Human
Radio Ecoshock
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Tech Nation with Dr. Moira Gunn
National Public Radio (NPR)
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The evolutionary power of Denial
The Current with Anna Maria Tremonti from CBC Radio Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
" really understand how we reached the top of the evolutionary ladder you have to be in denial." 
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Q&A with the author
La Jolla Light, by Pat Sherman
"Dr. Ajit Varki's inquisitive mind never seems to rest." 
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Tricking ourselves into being human
San Diego Union Tribune, Is denial what makes us human?, By John Wilkens
" eyebrow-raising shot across the bow of conventional thinking about evolution..."
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So You Think You'll Live Forever: PW Talks With Ajit Varki
Publishers Weekly, by Will Boisvert
"...the defiance of mortality is what makes us human."
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NewsTalk (Dublin, Ireland)
Moncrieff with Sean Moncrieff
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