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A thesis that is almost undeniable!, "I very highly recommend this book to the scientist and non-scientist alike. Very well-written, and evidence of lots of reading and exploration on the authors' part."

"From Mind over Reality to Science over Reality: This is a book to read, think about what you read and read it again - you will not be the same after reading it."

"Brilliant Scientific Writing: Dr. Varki's intellectual integrity is impressive. …a good writer….Overall, this book is an accessible account of an interesting new research topic."

"Brilliant and thought provoking: Written for people who seek evidence based belief systems. Forget mystery and be willing to consider the amazing possibilities, the endless conjecture surrounding our origins."

"A great read for anyone curious about what makes us humans tick, I found it difficult to put down until finished. Much to ponder and follow up on."

"Great book: easy read. Good insight into a powerful defense mechanism. I recommend this to anyone interested in consciousness and motivation."

Amazon Books

Good Reads

"There is more to this book than denial of death…lays out arguments in a straightforward interesting manner. Denial is well worth reading if you are interested in what makes us human."

"Very enlightening. I see this work as a possible follower to Darwins' theory…recommend this to anyone interested in biology, evolution - and perhaps last but not least; the human mind, and what might just be the thing that makes us unique."

"A worthy successor to Darwin's original works….if you can look past the rhetoric, the science is sound. Enjoyed this gem greatly and would recommend to anyone interested in the sciences."

"Brilliant book! Written for the lay person, has great supporting arguments and a convincing theory about the evolution of humans and the place that we humans like live: denial"

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