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Open Positions

The Ghosh Laboratory will be posting call for applications for the following posts through UC San Diego Job postings:

  • Research track residents/fellows (enrolled into the UC San Diego Physician-scientist Training Pathway of Internal Medicine, PSTP) are welcome to train in cell biology of signal transduction and are encouraged to contact Pradipta directly via email.

Other Opportunities

Graduate Students in Biomedical sciences (BMS), Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP) and other undergraduate programs at UC San Diego are welcome to enjoy research rotations in the Ghosh laboratory.

We are seeking a broadly trained, highly motivated and innovative scholars to carry out studies on the cell biology of the cancer cell. The Ghosh lab studies the interplay between growth factor and G protein-mediated signaling pathways. We are busy characterizing several new regulatory proteins that are involved in linking these two important signaling pathways to cell functions such as cell migration, cytoskeletal organization, cell polarity, cell-cell junction formation, mitosis, gene transcription, and autophagy. To investigate the molecular basis for aberrant signal transduction in cancer cells we utilize a combination of biochemical, morphologic, bioinformatics, computational modeling, and phosphoproteomic approaches as well as animal models and live cell imaging on cultured cells. Besides cancer, we also work on aberrant signaling in other diseases such as insulin resistance and type II diabetes, liver injury and fibrosis, epithelial morphogenesis, gut epithelial barrier, Alzheimer's disease, and Schizophrenia. Our overall goal is to define the molecular mechanisms that regulate key signaling networks in health and disease.

For more in-depth overview of ongoing projects available for trainees, check out our Ongoing Projects.